Its not just males then get to their feet for a Goddess like me! Yes this female begged to be humiliated by me; for me to be in total control of her. These images i decided to take in one of our sessions...Enjoy! Im sure she will be back for more...
My tight grey socks hug perfectly to shapely legs. So get down on all fours loser and start worshiping perfection!
Wet Look tight leggings and my bare feet sounds like an amazing combination. Your little wank stick will be throbbing as you click through these images....complete LOSER!
Coming into the office knowing that your co worker knows your pathetic little secret. She knows about your tiny little baby dick. She calls you into her office and mocks and humiliates your pathetic manhood whilst teasing you with her perfection that you will NEVER ever have. You do know that with a little maggot like yours; you will never satisfy anything or anyone!
WOW! With my tight figure hugging blue dress and black fishnets...this set is for worshiping freaks! Stare at perfection. From head to toe... get to your knees and submit!
Ohhhhhh it's what makes me happy! Money and lots and lots of it. Wearing my hot lingerie I roll around with all those notes rubbing against my soft skin...I am in heaven and quite rightly so.
Pin dicks....i know you will be clicking through these pics getting your pathetic inchworm all aroused...YUK! well i am going to tease you in my tight red latex and then humiliate you with my little pinkie....showing you exactly what you will NEVER have
As I have received so many emails from you freaks pleading for me to do a photo set in my red leather boots; I thought I would be generous and caring and do one!hahaha You do know though; know you have me treated you need to make it up to me. show me just how happy I have made you and get back to work making me lots of cash!
Where you belong. I tease you in my transparent latex dress and suede thigh high boots and then order you to get on the floor and sniff my perfect aroma before sucking on my heels like a slut
Did you think that you could secretly perv on me? Because you are so small and minuscule that I wouldn't notice you? Well of course not. Im very angry; I hate small pathetic loser's like you and decide to show you just how much. Be prepared to be taunted; mocked; licked; crushed until you die a slow and very painful death....
Dressed from head to toe in gorgeous latex along with my crop. I show you what I think of your small dicks out there. So for all you maggots; don't send me in your moulds as this is what i think!
suspender tights
Haha this bitch paid me £1;000 to be tied up; whipped and blow my secondary smoke all in his face (even though he is a non smoker). I decided to humiliate him too and dress him up as the piggy that he is. It was very entertaining! I decided to teach him a lesson for being late and making me wait so I left him tied up; pig mask on full of cigarettes for 4 hours..stupid freak will learn to be on time for the next session.
I am spoiling you aren't I! Dressed in my sexy boots and soft leather gloves; I know that jaw is dropping the floor. As you click through the many pictures you little weener becomes aroused and you just can't wait to devote yourself to your Goddess.
Me; Goddess Jasmine teasing you again about what you will never ever stop drooling loser and face up to facts!
So I decide to brush my teeth this morning and why should I spit my dirty toothpaste and spit mixture down the drain when I have a hungry pathetic sub to use and abuse. You are so eager to please you will do anything and everything to be of use to me. So I decide to use you as my human sink. Makes even a mundane task as brushing my teeth; fun
Cute red ankle socks...oh yes I can do cute too! They look hot; lacey; teasing you pets with my petite feet and toes.
Fixate those eyes on your perfect Goddess. Look at how amazing these shiny leggings cling to her curvaceous ass. I am sure it will leave most of your speechless and with blue balls. Remember; your Goddess controls every single part of your life.
Well i know you PIGS are so weak for me in my long shiny PVC thigh high boots. I know just how to tease you and wrap you around my little finger; that you will give me everything. I do exactly this in this picture set. Click and drool and fall deeper
blue latex
I love to use my curves to my advantage and love losers at my feet where they belong. So I call my bitch to come round so I can test my new whip out on his pathetic sorry ass. So funny that I'm naked and he can do nothing except get a beating from me....JERK!
This is such a hot set. I really know how to turn you so called 'men' into weak pathetic sluts.
That is what i am; and i love to manipulate you pea brain males with my raven hair and perfect curves..i will definitely get a pay rise now
I tease my pathetic cuckold with my killer curves and sexy tight latex dress so much that he hands over his credit card and pin so I can max his card out on my night out whilst he stays in and cleans the house! ha ha.
Well I know how many of you pathetic worms would love to be a full blown Sissy; how pathetic! But this little worm did the right thing; he paid for a session with me for me to turn him into the full blown Sissy slut that he is and what a little pathetic bitch he made...
Yes; that's right Jerk! Im here to take over your life; take control of your pathetic existence. Your ass is mine now BITCH!
This is one hot outfit and one naughty set. Once you fully submit; I won't be the one in this will be you SISSY cleaning for me on a daily basis!
OMG even the skeleton has a pin dick! Where are the real men; well hung men? I show this loser skeleton and all you pathetic micro dicked freaks what real men get and exactly what you maggots DON'T!
I really fuck with your mind in this set. Dressed in a tight black latex catsuit; I know you will be drooling over your computer but then I fuck with your mind; you might think I'm submissive...but am I?!
Where i belong; on my Throne calling all you pathetic minions to my feet. Teasing you with my dominant outfit and whip...just reminding you of how superior i am and how worthless you are!
This bitch wanted to be my little pet; so i trained him how to be a perfect pet for a learn doggies and get barking! I love it when freaks phone and bark on all fours soooo PATHETIC!
Dressed in PVC from head to toe along with sheer delicate fully fashioned stocking any submissive slut will be at my form an orderly queue bitches
Worship idiots
This is simple; I have the hottest latex outfit on possible along with sheer stockings. You will do anything to worship my gorgeous body and perfect prepare to submit to Goddess Jasmine
I really know how to make you pathetic men even more desperate and weak. Dressed in my hot new lingerie purchased by my Swedish Loser; I tease you turning your into little zombies. My little jerk addicted zombies!hahaha I bet you wish you could get an amazing powerful women like your dreams. It's never going to happen that's why you serve me. Goddess Jasmine is the ONLY women in your sad pathetic worthless life....and the only use I have for you; is to serve and spoil me!
I knew by wearing PVC and sheer tights/pantyhose everyday would turn you into a submissive bitch. Just to celebrate taking over your job as Boss and demoting you as tea boy I strip off and show you just how inferior you are. Now fuck off and get my tea!
On Throne with slave
I show you just what type of things I like to do when i'm in the dungeon so prepare to submit and follow my every command as I use lots of fetish items on you...including my favorite ball gag to shut you the fuck up bitch!
I LOVE these panties; the message is to all you freaks that are addicted to the one and only Goddess;that is me! HA! I love dressing up in Latex and this blue dress and whip is bound to send you straight to your knees at my feet..know your place FREAK!
I love teasing all you stocking and foot freaks and this set is no exception. I wear my tightest sexiest PVC and rip my stockings off and show you my bare feet you will be in heaven!
I like to work out to keep my body looking in tip top condition. Treadmill; weights; the lot; it makes me really work up a sweat. Now that is repulsive; sweaty; stinky feet and trainers are not cool; but to you; it turns you on! YUK! Smelling; licking; it actually grosses me out! You are a freak so let me take full advantage of your disgusting sweaty secret fetish haha!
Title says it all. You can watch me shower and get all my latex wringing wet...but I bet you get wet from the preview pics already haha PIN DICK LOSER!
Dressed in a tight blue latex dress; I bet you wish that pole was your pole haha but its not fucker...all you can do is sit there. Probably wank your pin dick; cream your pants and fantasize...LOSER
Your Goddess dressed head to toe in Latex; what more could you ask for! Putting you immediately in submissive heaven.
heels loser

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