I love my retro apartment; there's plenty of space and big windows too; yet I haven't got round to putting any curtains up. Do you think I should? Sometimes I feel like someone in the apartments across the street might see me undressing; but I have to admit; there's a part of me that likes the idea of being watched; so in case there really is someone there; I thought I should wear a pair of purple opaque tights for them.Do you like to watch?
The canvas print in the background reminds me of Miss Marilyn Monroe; she was a goddess; a diva and very beautiful. Famed for her wonderful figure; I am going to pop the poses out and give it my best Marilyn!
Who is Tracey? Haha; I'm just playing; its nobody; what I want you to do is trade your fingers over my last tights.
With all of this undressing that I do; the practicalities of privacy and the weather require that I'm indoors much of the time. Every now and then; I like to get outside; so I thought I'd take advantage of my friends garden while she was at work. I didn't have any tights with my though; so I took a pair to use from her drawer. Still; I do have to admit to being slightly nervous whilst I strip off for you; as if her Husband came home from work early and saw me naked in the garden; well; I don't know what he'd have thought.
Im so happy to be able to finally bring you part 1 of this amazing photo set. Who knew water would be so much fun? ;)
Sparkle May 15th 2015
These tights were gifted to me by an online hosiery stockist; when they asked what I would like I said they could choose....and didn't they send me an amazing pair of very sheer blue tights? I love how you can still see every little bit of my skin through them; with a floaty white dress and silky panties; I am your Blue Angel.
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Images
I'm at my girlfriends place and she has kindly said I can borrow a few of her things to wear; so I am going to try them on (and then off; of course) for you. I thought I'd match up a pair of sheer grey stockings with black underwear and a green dress; do you think they fit well together?Part 2 coming Monday 13th May.
Today; is POETS Day. In the UK; this stands for 'piss off early; tomorrows Saturday' ;) you're still dressed for work; you're still adamant that you're going to work; but I have that look in my eye that you love; the look that tells you; you're not going anywhere.
Sky blue; inviting; for some reason; you just cant stop looking at them; the fit; the transparency; the ruching behind the knee; you love it all.
An update from the flashback series; shot many moons ago. Posing in a 1920s style Flapper Dress; with black tights and cute headpiece.
Watch me tease you from smart to sexy and more..... xx
Its no secret that I love brightly coloured legwear; so when I saw these cranberry opaque glossy tights; I had to snap them up. Pairing them with a very fitted office dress which I slowly stripped out of; they felt so sexy and snug against my skin.
I don't hide the fact that I love natural light; so I thought it had to be natural nude stockings for today's update. The conservatory was very warm; so it didn't take me long to undress to show you my lacy black lingerie.
I hadnt had a particularly hard day; I just look rather sleepy!
I like to keep my body in tip top shape; but as you can see; having been to the gym; I have already started stripping off for my shower before you arrived. Working up a sweat; I need to get out of my things. If you follow me through this door; maybe you'll get a shower show.
Check me out.
Relaxing in the evening; with my fashion tights and black satin gown; its so sexy; it makes me feel womanly.
As your Lady in Red; I have been out dancing all night. Its late and as I start to undress; you can see I am feeling a little racy with my leopard print underwear that lies beautifully beneath my black opaque tights that have a little high sheen to them.
Sophia's Sexy Legwear ; Free Sample Pics
I hope you enjoyed the new kind of update we have; which means I can update the site anywhere I am and whenever the mood takes me; yay! Now this set; whilst its not quite a flashback set; it was shot for the site so long ago it feel like it could be one LOL! Sadly I no longer have these hold ups; they were so glossy and a great find. Heres to finding some more!
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Gallery
This is definitely an outfit that is screaming for attention! Bright thick opaque orange tights. You might think because I've been stood by the desk that I've been doing work; but really I've been waiting for some attention and some eyes that are just looking at me.
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Photos
Its Funky Friday and I am here to serve you as your Waitress! Do you have anything that you need some help with?
Saturday the 14th December was my birthday; Happy Birthday to me! Yay! With that in mind; lets celebrate and look back at what I may have looked like as a student; haha!
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Photos
Working on the web much of the time means that I'm pretty tech savvy; so when my girlfriends computer crashed she asked me to take a look at it.I offered her my help in return for her taking some shots of me; I'd be in the same clothes all day so of course I couldn't wait to peel them off.
Now this is going back a few years! I shot this many moons ago when I originally thought I would try my hand at running a website. I didnt have a theme but I did shoot quite a few with lovely legwear. Here is your first flashback update; with brown fishnet tights.
Window Love with FF stockings.
Stocking lovers unite! Nudey seemed stockings; all the way up legs eleven. Shot in Portugal; I am having fun being playful and rolling around on the bean bag.
My favourite way to work is with natural light; I've made no secret of this before. The way it floods my body means I can move so freely; almost dancing.
As you've probably noticed by now; I do like a touch of colour co-ordination and I think that this tight blue skirt goes well with my blue stilettos. Of course I had to mix it up a bit; so I added my pink satin lingerie along with some lace top hold ups in this lovely photo set; shot my my gorgeous girlfriend Hayley Marie.
I adore many of my hosiery items; but these are something else. I dont even know where I got them sadly; but they feel so sexy when on my legs. Glossy silver tights; with such a huge sexy gusset and large reinforced toe. I have worn these so many times. Dont they make my legs look inviting? Do you want to run your hands over my pantyhose and feel how glossy they are?
There's nothing better than stretching out on the sofa after a long drive; and I'm staying at my girlfriends for the weekends but she lives at the other end of the Country; so I've had a 4 hour drive to get here before letting myself in.
The countdown is on! This weekend is a Bank Holiday and that means only one thing in the UK; let's party!
I hadn't long been back from my holiday when I did this diner shoot; you can tell if you look closely at my tan lines as I didn't often sunbathe topless. Still; I have often thought that bikini marks can look a little sexy against tanned skin and here they contrast next to my black lingerie and seamed black stockings; don't you think?
There's nothing better than stretching out on the sofa after a long drive; and I'm staying at my girlfriends for the weekends but she lives at the other end of the Country; so I've had a 4 hour drive to get here before letting myself in. Part 2 coming Friday 19th April.
Spotty Skirts Up
Do you see me standing over here? Do you like my hair? Don't be shy; I'm flirting with you. Come closer; let's go inside....
Part One is from Monday.....Do you see the way I am looking at the camera? I'm looking a little moody; but that's because I want to stay in control of myself; and you. Tights with no knickers is so very sexy; but that would require the heels to come off; then the tights....unless; there's a better way to do it....tie side panties; as I pull the string; the thong comes loose and I can pull it out from between my legs.
I took requests for what members would like to see before I went to Portugal and I was asked for tights with a swimsuit! I start naked and get into my lycra swimsuit adding the sheer tan ights before I get ito the bath to get them wet.
I have always loved to play dress up; and with my wavy hair; tanned skin and cowboy boots; I thought I'd give Daisy Duke a run for her money. A cute pink gingham shirt; with very short ripped denim skirt and sheer white tights I was ready to go!
You can't beat the classics and I love a bit of vintage. I don't often get to wear fishnet stockings; but when I do; I always like the feel of them when they're against my skin. Come and watch me peel away my yellow dress and blue underwear set; by the end I'm all but naked apart from my suspender belt; fishnets and heels.
When bodycon dresses made it onto our catwalks and into our shops; men everywhere rejoiced. What could better than a dress that fits every curve; every bend; every molecule of a woman's body?
Polka dot camisole; mellow yellow satin lingerie; blue lace top nude hold ups.....it shouldn't work; but it does. A little mis matching never hurt; especially when you're going to undress and put those panties in your mouth.
Now I'm sharing something a little personal with you here; one of my very own dresses that I have worn a couple of times on girly nights out. I love to jazz it up a bit with a pair of fashion tights; do you think it suits these purple striped ones?
There is no denying; that when you get your mitts on a pair of Wolfords; you can dream about them all weekend. I have seen another model (in the USA) wear these with the lace up; on the front. But I like the element of surprise; you see me walking down the street; they look like nice tights; but as I pass and you turn to check me out over your shoulder.....BAM.
It's mid June and the days are getting hot; but not as hot as I want it. I plan a little strip for a friend; who's not a fan of this heat; but in my cute blue top and navy lace top stockings; I think I entice him over. I think I will succeed and maybe things will heat up enough and we'll move to the bed.
It's morning time and I'm in the kitchen. What can I get you? Coffee? Toast? How about a garter? And some stockings?
The weather has been teasing us....will it snow? Please let it snow! These snowflake style glossy nude nylons are a dream. Wouldnt it be fun to shoot some pictures in the snow? Unless the snowy heavens open up we will have to make do with these.
I adore this location! I got to use it for a quick shoot and I hope you love its quirkiness! With quirkiness in mind I had to use these real nylon stockings for this set; you can see the slight gathering as I bend and pose ;)
Sheer stockings? Check. Suspender belt? Check. Nude fitted vest dress; clings to the body; ever so casually? Check. Lace Panties? Check. We look like we are ready to go.....
I've had these boots for so many years and they still smell just as good (I love leather). Pairing them up with some thick opaque tights and a cute denim skirt I thjught you'd like this sweet outfit.
Apologies for the delay on bringing this set to you but as you can see; blue stockings and glossy tights; no panties; it was worth waiting for!
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Images
I mostly take my job quite seriously; but after a very long few days of continuous shooting I was starting to feel a little delirious. There were lots of funny moments during this shoot and when the corresponding video is available you'll see even more smiles in tights!
This set was shot at a little place called Moms Diner. Throughout the shoot I had ordered plenty of Milkshakes and Sandwiches but when it came to the end of the day; I couldnt find my purse; do you think the owner let me off when I stripped out of my satin leopard print lingerie with matching stockings?
This location was super interesting; not what you would usually get on my site but hope you enjoy!
This set was shot by a wonderful photographer called Nathen Atia. His work blows my mind; who knew blue stockings could be so sexy? I'd love to shoot more content like this for the site; I think its naughty and erotic; what do you think?
Striped Tights today
I was preoccupied during my photo shoot; so went to the studio kitchen to make a cup of tea. I was ready to shoot the next set but the photographer seemed to follow me! As I waited for the kettle I decided to shoot my update there and then; satin bra and thong with soft nude tights; all underneath my sexy fitted dress.
Sophia's Sexy Legwear ; Free Sample Pics
I'm never too keen on an early start; but here I am in my hotel room. I've made the bed and I need to get out of this nightwear before I decide on my outfit for the day. But do you know what? By the time I was undressed; I just felt like snuggling back under the duvet again!
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Images
You really have no idea how baking hot the sun was when I went out to shoot in Portugal; so choosing a wool dress and ivory stockings; seemed like a bad idea; why didnt I pack a bikini?! Who am I kidding; I'd much rather be in my stockings any day.
Gosh; I just love this photo set and I cant wait for you to see part two 'cumming' Friday! Do you see the way I am looking at the camera? I'm looking a little moody; but that's because I want to stay in control of myself; and you. Tights with no knickers is so very sexy; but that would require the heels to come off; then the tights....unless; there's a better way to do it....tie side panties; as I pull the string; the thong comes loose and I can pull it out from between my legs.
I spy; with my little eye; something beginning with.......O! Starting in my dressing gown; I get dressed as you are peering through the open door; into cute white lingerie; opaque tights; snug black shorts and a sparkly green party top. You will see me check out my outfit; before I take a little lie down; its hard work all this posing.
Where do the stairs lead? Nobody knows. Maybe there is more nylon fun up there? Come follow me and find out.
If you wanted to know which photo set was the very first that I worked on for Sophias Sexy Legwear; well this is it! Photographed by my friend Hayley Marie Coppin; who I am sure many of you will know. We had a lot of fun taking these photos.As you can see; I wore a black and tan bodice along with a pair of black lace top hold ups. With it being my first shoot for my new site I was both nervous and excited; but I am sure you will enjoy the images we created for you.
Sophia's Sexy Legwear Gallery
The door leads to a special place and I want you to follow me. Standing in your bedroom doorway; I want to tease you before we go in. My lace babydoll is getting in the way; lets take it off.....but the stockings; they have to stay on. Are they nice and straight? Can you come a little closer and check for me. You seem a little keen; are you trying to get me through the door? Do you like my sheer purple grape stockings; do you want to admire them some more? Lets go inside and take this private.....
Gosh; I LOVE this gallery! A personal favourite from the Portugal trip; stocking and upskirt fans; enjoy!
Do you ever get home from work on a Friday; and just wanna rip off your clothes before you even make it to the bedroom?! So that was the theory for today's update; I'd had a busy day out and about in my super sheer blue stockings; tight little purple skirt and smart black top; so when I got back; I had to take everything off in the hallway-we can keep the stockings on though :)
After doing some hair modelling for an afternoon; I thought I'd stay behind to take some new photos for you. I love this purple dress with the pink underwear set and I think they go well with my grey opaque tights. I simply felt compelled to show them to you whilst I had the studio to myself.
Its Treat Time!
Happy new year!
To be jolly! I love Christmas and these sparkling glitter tights get me right into the spirit! This set was shot in Portugal and I had hoped to make another trip out there this year but looks like it might be next year. Anyway! Here's 1 from the last trip.
Back when I started shooting for my site; I didnt really know how long i would last or how popular it would be. This pair of tights are the first ever thing I shot in for the site; which is years ago. I hear so many stories of models that catch their hosiery and ladder them; I dont even know how they can LOL! I look after mine so much; even down to the washing of them; its all done by hand to make sure that even 3 years on; they are looking super sexy.

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